Friday, March 4, 2011

SharePoint Skills

Yay, my new box of books from Amazon have arrived! I bought several Wrox Press "Professional" books on SharePoint 2010 and ASP.NET so I can continue my skill development in those technologies. After my work with a large oil and gas services company as their Enterprise Content Manager, I am continuing down the SharePoint road rather than building CMS solutions from scratch (for this season at least). Another book in my shipment that I'm anxious to read is Laughing at the CIO: A Parable and Prescription for IT Leadership. The title was enough to grab me, but the author sealed the deal. Bob Boiko is Mr. Content Management. I have a well-worn 1st edition of his comprehensive Content Management Bible, which is the canonical book on the subject. If you are in the field of Content Management but don't know the name Bob Boiko, stop whatever you are doing this instant and buy (and read!) Boiko's Content Management Bible. Right now. No, really!

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