Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm an AIIM SharePoint Specialist!

I just took the AIIM SharePoint Master exam, which combines the exams for SharePoint Practitioner and SharePoint Specialist. After passing the exam, I was awarded the designation "AIIM SharePoint Specialist."
AIIM SharePoint Specialist

To move from SharePoint Specialist to SharePoint Master, I need to complete my Master project and submit it for review. When that has been approved, I will be an AIIM SharePoint Master!

Before I submit that project, I'm going to review my ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Master class notes and take that course's exam. Then it's on to the SharePoint project and then the ECM thesis. I love learning, and these come with the added benefit of world-wide recognition for my knowledge and skills. Check out the AIIM Training Programs for yourself.

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