Thursday, August 25, 2011

Government IT Reform

I'm currently working through the White House's 25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology Management. I want to quickly highlight the first paragraph of that document so that you will understand why I am so passionate about helping Uncle Sam make major improvements:

Information technology should enable government to better serve the American people. But despite spending more than $600 billion on information technology over the past decade, the Federal Government has achieved little of the productivity improvements that private industry has realized from IT. Too often, Federal IT projects run over budget, behind schedule, or fail to deliver promised functionality. Many projects use “grand design” approaches that aim to deliver functionality every few years, rather than breaking projects into more manageable chunks and demanding new functionality every few quarters. In addition, the Federal Government too often relies on large, custom, proprietary systems when “light technologies” or shared services exist.

Wow—$600 billion dollars in 10 years spent on an enormous growing digital landfill. Thankfully, there are some good folks in DC driving reform. I'm thankful to be a SharePoint Architect/ECM Architect here helping lead one of the agencies in their implementation of these reforms.

I'm working hard for the American people, and yet you won't have to endure even one campaign ad featuring me come election time!

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