Saturday, August 20, 2011

Washington, D.C.

I have begun my new job in Washington, D.C. as a SharePoint Architect. I'm working with the Department of Labor to plan out a SharePoint deployment for ECM, ERM, and Government 2.0 within one of their agencies. It's really exciting stuff!

The first day that I walked through the streets of the District, I was struck by the fact that their buildings are all only about 13-14 stories tall. "What is that about?" I asked my coworker, who was walking with me between buildings. He quoted a popular theory, that by law the buildings cannot be taller than the Washington Monument.

I apprectiated his insight, but I'm always very curious and like to back up my sources. It's a good thing, too, because according to Wikipedia and its sources, there has never been a law restricting building height to that of the Washington Monument. Rather, according to the amended Heights of Buildings Act, buildings cannot be higher than the width of their adjacent street plus 20 feet. That is one reason cited for the expensive housing situation in DC. And that is part of why close to half the people who work here live in Virginia or Maryland.

I have now walked some of K Street, and have been a block from the White House and the Capitol Building, but still haven't had time to actually go see these famous buildings. I'm looking forward to it, though, and all the rest of what this awesome city has to offer!

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