Wednesday, November 2, 2011

AIIM's Information Certification

AIIM now offers the new Information Certification.  According to the AIIM Web site,
The new Information certification demonstrates your ability to solve an organization's existing information-related problems as well as plan for the future.

The objectives outlined for the certification are as follows:
Certified information professionals contribute to the success of their organizations by helping address the following kinds of information management challenges (both on-premises and in the cloud):
  1. Ensure information is dynamically delivered to staff and customers via websites, mobile, and social media
  2. Improve information sharing and collaboration by leveraging virtual collaboration solutions, social networks, and existing and emerging communications technologies
  3. Improve enterprise search and access to information across organizational and technology boundaries
  4. Continuously analyze information to identify new business opportunities and improvements
  5. Ensure appropriate information security and privacy controls across systems and platforms to protect the organization and its staff
  6. Manage information and records regardless of format or location to meet regulatory compliance and e-discovery readiness requirements
  7. Streamline and automate information intensive processes across systems and platforms to improve efficiency and reduce costs
The information professional should also be able to bridge the increasing gap between enterprise IT and business executives that currently exist in many organizations. The information professional should be able to effectively communicate and facilitate; establish consistent project/program management; research user experience / user customization; demonstrate technical and analytical skills; and engage in IT architecture/technology planning (source: Forrester Research, Nov 17, 2010).

This is what I've been doing for a long time now—I'm scheduling my exam right away!

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