Thursday, May 17, 2012

Exporting and Importing a SharePoint 2010 Site

This is a quick post to document two important PowerShell cmdlets for exporting and importing individual SharePoint sites.  These cmdlets are listed on this parent TechNet page for SharePoint Server 2010, as well as this TechNet page for SharePoint Foundation 2010.  However, on both of these pages, the descriptions are inaccurate.  Today, I submitted feedback on both pages to suggest corrections as follows.

The following PowerShell cmdlets can be used for exporting and importing a SharePoint site:
Note:  In SharePoint documentation and development, some terms are very confusing after several generations of the product.  In the following list, the first term is what a cmdlet or other object may be named, while the second term is the actual current SharePoint term to which it refers:
  • "Web" = "Site"
  • "Site" = "Site Collection"
  • "Web Application" = "Web Application" (usually; this one seems fairly consistent.)
So, for instance, you might think that the Move-SPSite cmdlet could be used to move a SharePoint site, but you would be wrong.  Move-SPSite is used to move a site collection from one content database to another.  Confusing?  Yes.  So much so that the TechNet authors who created the pages listed above confused "SharePoint site" with "Site Collections" and "Web Applications."

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