Saturday, November 3, 2012

Accessing Site Settings in SharePoint 2010 My Sites

I was recently helping a client enterprise with their SharePoint 2010 branding, which included some changes to their My Site master page. Working on a VM in our cloud development environment, I went to the My Sites application, but did not see the "Site Actions" link I was expecting.

Screen shot of my profile without Site Actions
Where is the Site Actions menu?

I had seen and used this before, but I evidently did not have the right permissions in this environment. I was a farm administrator. I tried configuring My Sites settings in Central Administration through the User Profile Service application. No dice.

Finally I stumbled across the answer:
  1. Go to Central Administration.
  2. Go to Manage Web Applications.
  3. Click your MySite Host application to select it.
  4. Click "User Policy" from the ribbon.
  5. Add your account with "Full Control" permissions.  I chose "All zones," but you can be specific if you need to be.
Screen shot of User Policy button
Edit your MySite Host's User Policy
Screen shot of adding user permissions
Add your account with Full Control
Screen shot of web application policies
Policies with my account added
After this, I was able to go back to my profile in My Sites and access the "Site Actions" menu with "Site Settings."

Screen shot of my profile with Site Actions
Site Actions is now available!
Screen shot of Site Actions menu
Site Actions menu with Site Settings
Now I was able to get to the Master Page and other settings.

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