Friday, May 3, 2013

Saving a SharePoint 2010 Site as a Template

Perhaps the easiest way to create a standard site template for your organization's SharePoint 2010 solution is to build a site in the browser, get it just right, and save it as a template.

To save your configured site as a template, go to Site Settings and choose "Save site as template" under "Site Actions":

Screen shot
"Save site as template" in SharePoint 2010

This works great for a root site in a site collection. But when I try to do this for a subsite I created, I do not see "Save site as template":

Screen shot
"Save site as template" is missing

This is where it helps to know how SharePoint's URLs work and how to hack it a bit. Back on the Site Settings page for the Site Collection, I went to "Save site as template." Then I copied the portion of the URL after the site name:

Then I pasted it after the site name of my subsite like so:

And now I can save the subsite as a template:
Screen shot
Save as Template form
After you save the site template, you should get a confirmation with a link to the solution gallery:
Screen shot
You should now be able to save the WSP file from the solution gallery to import into Visual Studio if you want to customize it further. Or, you could upload the solution to other site collections to add this new site template.

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