Friday, February 7, 2014

Remove External Users from SharePoint Online (Office 365 Enterprise)

I had a problem where one of my teammates showed up twice in SharePoint people pickers and people search. I actually invited the wrong one to be part of a new site. It was the same person, but not from SharePoint's perspective. We had used this teammate's personal email account to test External User sharing, and that was the second account that showed up.

For some SharePoint Online subscriptions, there appears to be a way to remove external users using the administration pages. But that is definitely not the case with SharePoint for Office 365 Enterprise. I found the solution.

First, connect to SharePoint Online using your trusty SharePoint 2013 Management Shell.

Next, search for the user using the "Get-SPOExternalUser" command. Unlike a lot of other "Get" commands, this one doesn't return a list of all of the things it's looking for. You must use a -Filter. Despite what the examples show in the documentation (as of this posting), your search filter for a user must match the first part of the first name, last name, or email address (as that page says at the top).

So to get the external user "John Doe", you could search "John" or "Doe", or perhaps the full name depending on how many users you have named John. This should give you a UniqueID (make sure you have really found the right user by verifying the email address!).

Then, you can use the "Remove-SPOExternalUser" command with the -UniqueIDs parameter and the user's UniqueID value to remove them.

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