Thursday, October 29, 2015

Introducing AIIM: The Global Community of Information Professionals

It is no secret that I love AIIM International. I owe a lot to AIIM for my professional development, industry knowledge, and the wonderful network within our industry. I only wish I had learned about AIIM much sooner than I did! So, this post is a very quick introduction to some of the value I see that AIIM offers. Please share it with anyone you think can benefit from AIIM Professional Membership.

AIIM (pronounced “aim”) is the global community of information professionals with around 80,000 members worldwide. This non-profit professional association has been around since 1943 and has been a leader all these decades in the fast-changing world of information technology and management. Do you work with ECM (Enterprise Content Management)? AIIM defined ECM starting in 2000. Do you work with PDFs? The AIIM Standards Program leads the international PDF standards development on behalf of ANSI and ISO.

AIIM is the association behind the Certified Information Professional (CIP). This certification demonstrates a solid understanding of the major domains of Information Management. Launched in 2011, today there are over 1000 CIPs. I was excited when AIIM launched this certification, and I am thankful that they continue to maintain it.

AIIM provides the industry's top training in ECM, Electronic Records Management, Content Analytics, SharePoint for Collaboration, Business Process Management, and other information management topics. I teach for them part-time in the DC area and hold several AIIM training certificates myself.

AIIM has excellent market research. That’s what first drew me to the organization years ago.

AIIM has several events throughout the year:
  • The AIIM Conference happens in the spring. This next year it will be in New Orleans in April.
  • The AIIM Road Trip series goes to several cities in North America.
  • AIIM Webinars happen on a regular weekly basis and cover all kinds of topics from SharePoint to Capture to Business Process Management.
  • World Paper Free Day is an effort to get organizations to reduce the amount of paper we generate professionally and personally. It is coming up on 11/6/15.

Are you an information professional? Working in ECM, knowledge management, records management, business intelligence, SharePoint, or other related discipline or technology? If you want to get trained and get active in a professional association, you need to join AIIM today.

Are there other relevant associations worth joining? There sure are. Should you also be a member of AIIM? You sure should!


  1. I couldn´t agree more. I hold few training certificates and been involved with AIIM community since some time now; all the free material they share, plus training, events and so much more, are highly valuable and have helped me to gain a deeper knowledge and insight about the disciplines I work with. I encourage all Information Professionals to join AIIM

  2. Can't agree more with the aspects highlighted