Thursday, October 29, 2015

Secure Your Computer and Avoid Pop-up Scams

Scam Pop-Up (Parody)
If you get a pop-up while surfing the Web that claims you have a virus or a trojan horse or other security issue, don't believe it, don't call the number, and don't click any links or even their "OK" button. Just close your browser (and all open programs) and run your computer's security scan.

I just ran across a pop-up with a toll-free number and a message of doom and gloom in both text and audio, urging me to call their tech support line to get my computer fixed. THIS IS A SCAM. They are trying to trick gullible people (or the very young or those new to computers) into giving them personal information or direct access to their computer.

There is a special place in hell for such scammers. Just be smart enough not to let them drag you down with them.

If you don't have security software, you can get it for free, so get 'er done!

Free Security Software for Mac: Sophos Mac Antivirus

Free Security Software for Windows: Microsoft Security Essentials

There are other options (feel free to leave your favorites in the comments). Also, paying for quality security software for your business is worth it.

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