Thursday, February 18, 2016

Plan a Successful Information Management Solution Implementation

How do you plan a successful information management solution implementation? Well, there's a LOT to it! And there are many paths to failure. In AIIM's Electronic Records Management and Enterprise Content Management master courses, we spend four whole days discussing these concepts.

In my recent Pulse article on information management and technology, I state:
The solution to your business information problems are things technology vendors cannot sell you in a box or digital download.
Your information strategy, architecture, and governance provide the comprehensive set of business requirements that should define your IT solutions.

The goal of this presentation is to give a very brief overview of the main elements for success. This presentation should help you:
  • Plan your enterprise information strategy, architecture, and governance
  • Recruit an executive champion, cross-departmental partners, and your IT organization
  • Plan for continuous implementation and improvement
  • Plan to promote user adoption of your IM solution


  1. Really appreciate the reference to needing a corporate sponsor. How many "good ideas" never get out of the starting gate due to the lack of upper management buy-in?

    1. Thanks, Mark! A lot of great ideas fall flat because of the inability or lack of effort to sell them to the right people.