Monday, September 12, 2016

How to Work Beyond the Corporate Firewall Safely

Today's workforce is increasingly distributed, increasingly mobile, and increasingly expecting telework options. This equates to more people working beyond the corporate walls and beyond the corporate IT firewall. But how can organizations offer such flexibility without losing control of their information?

This is the subject of a guest post I authored for AIIM's Digital Landfill blog. That post is related to an AIIM Webinar I presented on 9/14 and the latest AIIM White Paper called Managing Content Beyond Corporate Walls (I didn't write the white paper, but you should still check it out!).

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Thanks to Sponsors

First, thanks to NEOSTEK for letting me represent the company by participating in the industry through things like this webinar. I'm also thankful that NEOSTEK is such a great company to work for.

I also want to thank ASG Technologies for sponsoring the AIIM Webinar and AIIM White Paper. AIIM International is a non-profit industry association and research group, and they rely on great sponsors like ASG Technologies to provide these resources to the industry for free.

Great sponsors and solid content contributors are good for the industry. I encourage companies and subject matter experts to look for ways you also can benefit the Information Management industry and profession.

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