Thursday, October 13, 2016

2016 InfoGov Expert of the Year Award

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I was honored at the 2016 Information Governance Conference to be named InfoGov Expert of the Year. This award is for "an Information Governance leader who has demonstrated leading expertise in 2016." Thank you so much to all who voted for me this year! Thank you also to Information Coalition and InfoGovCon.

This is my second industry award! My first was the AIIM Leadership Award earlier this year.

The 2016 Information Governance Conference was amazing! This is the conference's third year, but it was my first year to attend. I was a speaker, a debate moderator, a panel facilitator, and a panelist. There were so many amazing people and amazing speakers at this event.

Among the three professionals who won finalist awards for this were Richard Hogg and Rich Lauwers, two very knowledgeable Information Governance experts. You could even say they are "rich" with knowledge!

If you do anything with information management and governance, you should look into attending InfoGov17. I appreciate what this organization is doing to add to our industry and profession.

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