Tuesday, March 14, 2017

AIIM Conference 2017 In Progress

The AIIM Conference is about to kick off officially at 2:00pm in Orlando, Florida! I have already been here for two days, as I taught the preconference Electronic Records Management Specialist course all day yesterday. This morning I attended the AIIM Chapter Leaders Breakfast and had some great discussions there.

I really love AIIM Conferences!

One of the very best parts is hanging out with friends in the information management world from all over. Tonight, our NCC-AIIM chapter, AIIM Florida, AIIM DFW, Systemware, and Access Today are sponsoring a karaoke night for AIIM17! I'm really looking forward to this!!!

I'm leading two round table sessions this week:
  • Your Information Governance Team: How to Bring the Right People Together
  • Stealth Information Governance: How to Get Executives to Care

Check out my Speaker Profile here.

Follow along with AIIM17 on Twitter with #AIIM17.

I'm really looking forward to the AIIM Awards ceremony, too. :) More later!

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