Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016 AIIM Leadership Award for Social Buzz

AIIM Leadership Award
I was honored at the 2016 AIIM Conference to receive the 2016 AIIM Leadership Award for Social Buzz. According to the news page announcing the winners:
The AIIM Leadership Award recognizes individuals whose outstanding leadership within our community goes above and beyond to benefit the advancement of the information management industry and AIIM.
I am so thankful for this award—it's my very first industry award! I hope it's the first of several. And as for "social buzz", I am just getting warmed up with the content contributions and social engagement.

To learn more about AIIM from my perspective, read my post Introducing AIIM: The Global Community of Information Professionals.

Also check out the AIIM Website.

Receiving my AIIM Leadership Award

Reflections on the 2016 AIIM Conference

AIIM16 in New Orleans is over, and I must say it was a fantastic experience. I loved being an attendee, I enjoyed speaking, and I was honored to receive the 2016 AIIM Leadership Award for Social Buzz.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Digital Transformation In Action: 21 Things You Need to Know

AIIM published a great ebook on Digital Transformation as a preview to the 2016 AIIM Conference. A great group of industry experts contributed their thoughts to this important topic, including me.

The following were my contributions to two of the rules:

Kevin Parker, NEOSTEK: "Use an IM maturity model and assessment (like the one from MIKE2.0 or NARA's RIM Maturity Model). Involve a range of stakeholders that includes both leadership and staff. The assessments should be honest. The initial assessment gives you a current state picture and helps to identify the major areas that need prioritized improvement. Each subsequent assessment should be done as improvement iteration reviews. These provide real progress measurement."
Kevin Parker, NEOSTEK: "Develop and mature your information strategy to include all data, documents, content, knowledge, and records from every major process regardless of format or technology. Build this into an information architecture that works for your business. Make it agile and govern it. Technology disruptions will continue. A unified information strategy, architecture, and governance will guide the organization through these challenges and help turn them into advantages for the organization. This will help build a culture of transformation and information management."

Download the free report:
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