Monday, March 2, 2015

Feature Differences in Office 365 Plans

I wanted to compare exactly which features are available for these Office 365 plans:

  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 Enterprise E1
  • Office 365 Enterprise E3

The Office 365 plan comparison page did not give me enough detail. So I checked out the latest Office 365 service comparison page on TechNet (updated 1/28/2015 at the time of this post). This page lets you filter by plans. But it is way too much information for me to grasp at a glance, so I downloaded the Excel workbook and filtered more.

I filtered to see which features are available in the E3 plan, but not in the Business Premium plan (and may or may not be in the E1 plan). The result is in the table below.

For cells that say "See footnote", check out the corresponding footnotes on the SharePoint Online Service Description page on TechNet.

One important feature that is apparently only available in Enterprise plans is the ability to manage SharePoint sites through a SharePoint Admin Center (via the Web) and the SharePoint Online Management Shell (via PowerShell). This is not reflected here.

Feature Differences in Office 365 Plans (January 2015)
Features (Updated 1/28/2015)Office 365 Business PremiumOffice 365 Enterprise E1Office 365 Enterprise E3
BCS: Alerts for External ListsNoNoYes
BCS: App Scoped External Content Types (ECTs)NoNoYes
BCS: Business Data WebpartsNoNoYes
BCS: External ListNoNoYes
BCS: OData connectorNoNoYes
BCS: Secure Store ServiceNoNoYes
BCS: Tenant-level external data logNoNoYes
Built-In Anti-Malware ProtectionSee footnoteYesYes
Business Intelligence CenterNoNoYes
Calculated Measures and MembersNoNoYes
Conference Content ArchivingSee footnoteSee footnoteYes
Data Connection LibraryNoNoYes
Data Loss PreventionNoNoYes
Database CompareNoNoYes
Decoupled PivotTables and PivotChartsNoNoYes
Desktop virtualization (user-dedicated VDI and RDS)NoNoYes
DLP policy matches by severity for mailNoNoYes
DLP policy matches, overrides, and false positives for mailNoNoYes
Duet OnlineNoNoYes
Excel ServicesNoNoYes
Excel Spreadsheet CompareNoNoYes
Excel Spreadsheet InquireNoNoYes
Exchange Online and SharePoint Online Archiving and ComplianceNoNoYes
Field list and Field SupportNoNoYes
Filter EnhancementsNoNoYes
Filter SearchNoNoYes
Folder SyncSee footnoteSee footnoteYes
Group Policy supportNoNoYes
Hybrid deployment supportedSee footnoteYesYes
Hybrid Email RoutingSee footnoteYesYes
IM Content ArchivingSee footnoteSee footnoteYes
Inactive MailboxesSee footnoteSee footnoteYes
InfoPath Forms ServicesNoNoYes
Information Rights Management using Azure RMSSee footnoteSee footnoteYes
In-Place Hold and Litigation Hold (Exchange)NoNoYes
Integration Between Voice Mail and Third-Party FAXNoNoYes
IRM using Azure Rights ManagementSee footnoteSee footnoteYes
IRM using Azure RMSSee footnoteSee footnoteYes
Lync 2013See footnoteSee footnoteYes
Microsoft AccessNoNoYes
Microsoft InfoPathNoNoYes
Microsoft LyncSee footnoteNoYes
Office 365 Message EncryptionSee footnoteSee footnoteYes
Office Add-in, ActiveX, and BHO supportNoNoYes
Office DelveSee footnoteYesYes
Office TelemetryNoNoYes
Power PivotNoNoYes
Power Pivot for Excel in SharePointNoNoYes
Power QuerySee footnoteNoYes
Power ViewNoNoYes
Power View for Excel in SharePointNoNoYes
Preservation hold libraryNoNoYes
Protect content by using Azure Rights ManagementSee footnoteSee footnoteYes
Query rules—advanced actionsNoNoYes
Quick ExploreNoNoYes
Roaming settingsNoYesYes
Search vertical: “Video”NoNoYes
Shared computer activationNoNoYes
Support for blocking cloud-based file storageNoNoYes
Timeline SlicerNoNoYes
Top DLP policy matches for mailNoNoYes
Top DLP rule matches for mailNoNoYes
Unified Messaging ReportsNoNoYes
User Level Archiving Configuration See footnoteSee footnoteYes
Video SearchNoNoYes
Visio ServicesNoNoYes
Voice MailNoNoYes
WCM: CatalogNoNoYes
WCM: Category page and catalog item pageNoNoYes
WCM: Cross-Site PublishingNoNoYes
WCM: Search web partsNoNoYes

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Your Password Is 12345? Password FAIL

Your Password is 12345?

It's hard to fathom why people don't get that 12345, 123456, and other similarly stupid passwords make their own information and your organization's much less secure. But many people don't get it.

Dark Helmet from SPACEBALLS warned you a long time ago: "12345? That's the stupidest combination I've ever heard in my life! That's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!"

I made the above demotivational poster in honor of this post from InformationWeek:
Password Fail: Are Your Workers Using 123456?

Do better with passwords!

Monday, October 6, 2014

How to Leverage SharePoint 2013 to Organize, Label, Navigate, and Search Your Information

This presentation is adapted from a course I wrote for AIIM, which is available in their SharePoint Resource Center. I also presented some of this material at the SharePoint Users Group of DC (SUGDC) on 9/11/2014.

The AIIM Resource Centers offer lots of tutorials, webinars, publications, perspectives and more on SharePoint and a host of Information Management topics. Professional Members of AIIM can take advantage of these resources for free and get industry research, resource kits, training discounts, and more.

View this presentation as a course with audio and a full transcript in the AIIM SharePoint Resource Center. I have contributed more content there, including a webinar on Records Management in SharePoint 2013.